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Fingertip Lanterns

come Beloved, it is not our time to be afraid.

Dearest Angels,
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if you have the time, we have some questions for you concerning the origin of things...
Notice! This community is currently set to moderated joining, but please do request and I'll make a cursory check to see if you're a troll, then accept. Should your journal be brand spanking new for any reason whatsoever, drop me a PM with an explanation and your story. You can use it for your introduction post, too!

Dearest angels, I've come
a long way from home
and my wings can only
shine for so long.

Pick me up and love me
when midnight falls
too fast for my eyes,
and still so much to be done.

And if you could spare me
a moment of your time,
I have some questions...

Dearest Angels is a community dedicated to fostering community - or at least discussion - between those who believe themselves to be reincarnated angels, whatever grouping of species they take that to be. Our collective name, Angelkin, is a specification of the word Otherkin, or those who believe their souls to be something other than human.

This is not a role-playing game. Look elsewhere for that.

Angelkin are a varied breed. While many from similar otherworldly backgrounds also share certain personality traits encouraged in that background, they may be and often are completely different in every other fashion. After all, we're still people.

The unfortunate stereotype of angels is generally reactionary towards Abrahamic religions and based off the subsequent assumptions, though much of the time a given person, even identifying as Angelkin, will not identify as a follower of any Abrahamic religion, much less its pantheon. Yes, this means that there are non-Christian Angelkin, but this isn't surprising. Just as there are Christian, Islamic, and Judaic Otherkin, there are Kemetic Angelkin, Wiccan Angelkin, Buddhist Angelkin, atheist Angelkin, Pantheist Angelkin and every other variation you can think of.

There are annoying, egotistical, holier-than-thou Angelkin Christians, yes, but then there are also annoying, egotistical, holier-than-thou New Age Angelkin, and same for Angelkin atheists. There are also Otherkin with the same traits who you wouldn't want to spend three minutes around, either (and I've met some!). It's not limited to the breed itself.

And a general perception is that Angelkin believe their souls to have been specifically constructed as angels. This can be true, both in belief and reality, but many Angelkin do not believe this to be true, preferring instead that they simply had a soul-shaping experience with being an angel.

Despite all of this, there are Angelkin who defy these expectations of other people. This community is not necessarily for the 'odd angel out', but for all Angelkin, as long as they're not annoying, pompous, or abrasive.

Some ground rules, possibly to be changed by consensus later....

One Basic rules, you probably can recite them by heart. Follow Livejournal TOS, no harassment, don't post pornography or contact info unless it's yours and under a cut and friendslock (though we still wouldn't recommend doing it publicly), don't engage or encourage illegal activities especially 'cause they can find you, etc.

Two We really can't stress this enough - prodding people to question themselves is fine, but acting like they're a deluded imbecile who wants to feel 'special' is not. When it comes down to it, they are the one in charge of their own mind, and you can't force them to change it, so don't be an ass.
... armchair psychoanalysis is absolutely not allowed in this community.
... if you choose to question people, instead of asking them 'but what if you're wrong and it's like this?', give them the information you have.
... realize that you can be wrong, too.

Three Religious, racial, sexual etc. hatred are extremely off-limits for obvious reasons. Species hatred, while also not fully acceptable, is more understandable in some circumstances, particularly as the entire species is more likely to act like assholes than is a given individual (see humanity and environmental destruction as an example).
... nevertheless, realize that you are in a human body right now.
... again, while Kinnish speciesism is somewhat acceptable, species-glorification is not, and there is a difference.
... also, Earth-based human supremecist speciesism is not acceptable, ever, meaning that humans aren't the be-all end-all of good things and rationality on Earth.

Four Feel free to keep an open mind. Don't overdo it. Try the wine.