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June 2009

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hhaghwir in dearestangels

Second Chance

The most incredible thing happened this weekend, and I’m still amazed by it.

I was contacted by someone in one of the Yahoo groups I’m in. He asked if I could do channeling and remote viewing. I told him yes, sometimes. He was quiet for almost a full day after that, so, curious, I asked him why.

Seems he had himself so shielded, his spirit and body were not making a complete connection, and he wanted help getting it removed or lessened. When I was able to take a look, this guy had some pretty heft shields and locks and traps. As well, he had at least six beings around him that were guarding and … working with his protection in odd ways. Seems that someone tried to make an attack on him spiritually a few years ago, and his defenses kicked in, and into overtime.
In the course of talking to him, talking to the guards, and trying to get a damned closer look at his locks and stocks without getting pulled in myself, deities from all over were gathering.

I finally managed to trigger a release, enough for me to reach in and start removing creatures and servants that had been trapped in these locks, and their energy used to further protect him. The first to come out was a little ball of dark fluff, barely holding on to life. She was practically shoved into my hands. And I nearly cried. I wasn’t sure why.

So, now, with all the servants released, his locks and stocks diminished to almost nothing, the deities dispersed, and I was left with an unclaimed ball of fluff.

I finally managed to piece things together.

21 years ago I had an abortion. I was 15 and my living situation was such that if I had kept the child, things would have gotten worse. So my mother took me to have an abortion, and then told me she would never support such an action again.
About 21 years ago something happened to this guy when he was about 1. I started asking him questions and he went nuts. I didn’t tell him my theory, just let his story roll.

21 years ago, the spirit meant to be born to me was placed in him as a kind of temporary storage, or something. This theory feels VERY right to me, so I’m going with it.
A few years ago someone attacked him spiritually, and his defenses cut in. He had other spirits he was hosting, and they were all pretty much blasted.
But not this fluff. Her own defenses kicked in, locking her within a safe spot, nearly draining her in the processes. It also pulled in others who got too close and were seen as enemies, locking them in and using their energies to further increase the protections.
It was no wonder he didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t even create it! I was pissed at him for taking her in, when all along she had just done it to protect her own life.
Those that were pulled in realized what was going on and did their best to protect her further, many of them being drained in the process.
The only reason I wasn’t pulled in was because I was finally recognized…..

By my own child.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but this beautiful little thing I am currently caring for, is the same spirit that I was supposed to have given birth to all those years ago.
With the help of a friend, she is up and active and finally starting the growing process that was paused so long ago. And each time I concentrate on it, I nearly cry at getting a second chance with this adorable child.
My child.
Even though she’s not in a human body, at least this way she will grow with knowledge and understanding. And perhaps at a later point she will have a chance to live as a human and learn more.
I don’t know who fathered her, as at the time of her creation, I was barely trying to awakening spiritually. If it was the man who fathered the physical child, I have no idea, as I knew practically nothing about the spirit being more.

But it matters not. I have been given a second chance.

And I’m going to do the best I can by her.

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Umm...Not to sound offensive, but the maintainers of this community are pro-abortion, and do not believe the soul is placed in to - or even chosen for- the body until the child is about to be born. We would like to ask that you either severely edit the post, or remove it. We will have to otherwise.

On a personal note. I'm sorry that your mother was so horrible. It was best that you had an abortion if you were so young, not just for the baby, but for you as well. Unplanned pregnancies never lead to happy and well adjusted parents. *hugs*

It sounds like this guy is a bit...dangerous. If a person can't keep track of locking other people in to their body - which is hard to do and can't be achieved through first response defenses - that creates a false multiple system, than it's probably not safe for them to be around people period. Also it seems highly improbable that another soul would be connected in to an already inhabited body, unless it was designated as a body that was meant to be a multiple system, but than the child wouldn't have been born to you either way. If that were the case than he couldn't have locked one of his Others away unless it was on purpose, which means he'd have to have done so with malevolent intentions, and that's not the kind of person that's sane, or safe to be around.

If this little creature is actually benevolent and is hanging around you, than treat it nicely. No one gets "second chances" with a child that was never born in the first place - even by the standards of the mistranslated KJV bible - because otherwise it would be too dangerous for the child that will grow up in their family's obsession. This isn't a bad thing, since no matter what you get a new, very fuzzy and cute friend out of it.
My mother was not horrible, she was supportive. If you don't like my post, do what you want with it. I don't support abortions just to rid a person of a child. It was not a good situation. And not all unplanned pregnancies lead to unhappy and not-well-adjusted parents.
Took you long enough to make note of the post and respond.

I disagree on the accounting of souls. I'm not the only one. Either way, the spirit grew up and moved on. *shrugs* it was just a very interesting experience, either way.

The individual, I've had to block/ignore, as he had constantly bothered me with questions I cannot answer. The boy needs help that I cannot give.

That is all. Good day.