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June 2009

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hhaghwir in dearestangels

Yeah. P1. I'm sure there'll be more to post later.

Ok, so talking to this guy who reads other's past lives, and this is what I got from him:

I was called Aquitral while I was in a chior. I was apparently pushed for "backing the wrong horse". ... Frickin morons for standing up for unjust bullshit.
He was called Ashric - the person telling me this.

I was one of two female Berserkers, and held high rank at Odin's table. ... Didn't like to fight much, but piss me off, and you were dead. Always thought Odin was pretty cool.

I was a high priestess of Anubis, who later took an earthly form to marry me. ... I like Anubis. *smirks*

I praised Hera, and was given more blessings then any other followers. ...

I betrayed Joan of Arc, and she killed me for it. ... Stupid bitch got too full of herself and someone had to point out how she was misusing her influence and power. I laughed in her face as she killed me. That pissed her off even more.

I beat the crap out of Ashric in the Sun camp in China. ... I like certain weapons.

He was a defecting Red Coat, I was a surgeon, who later, like Molly Pitcher, had to pick up a rifle to defend myself, ten confirmed kills, and one general, at some 300 meters, give or take. Took him right above the left eye
Was killed six months before the end of the war, hung by the reds, for war crimes. ... this does not jive with my memory of being a hidden part of the cause against the brits.


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i just applied for membership

my journal is new and my expanation for wanting to be a part of this community. i'm a little guarded but i say this with truth and love. simply put i feel i am a corporeal angel.take it as you wish.ask me what you want to know.

Re: i just applied for membership

Well, everyone has their feelings.

What gives you the idea of the corporeal? Just out of curiousity.
The guy who told you this is a gigantic load of CRAZY!

First, I want to point out that Aquitral is not an Angelic name. Aside from the usual naming system they have, it doesn't have the basic sounds and cadence that Angelic names have. However, there's no group as a Choir in 11F Angelics, so... he may mean something else entirely, with that. I've heard of some people that have things like that, but I wouldn't know where to point you. It was just in passing, talking with Tach.

You were not a high priestess of Yinepu, or you would know his actual name, rather than the bastardized Roman one. Also, as far as I know, he's kind of... gay... aside from the fact that a romantic/sexual relationship in one life doesn't mean it carries over into the next.

Hera doesn't give blessings. I've talked to her.

I would... really look into the idea that you're starting to get very egotistical. I think what may be going on with this is that you are extremely powerful, but you're diverting it into things that are false and frivolous.

All of this comes off as very, I AM BRILLIANT and... self-aggrandizing. Not sure. Think you need to take some time to get your head on straight. You probably won't listen to me, which is fine; I went there and had to get my head outta my ass on my own. It'll probably do you good, in the long run. You sound like you've gotten to the point where you've found yourself a nice little human parasite and you just need to finish up and get burned by him.

I just want to say DIBS! on the precautionary warning part later on. :D
Well, if you noticed mine own comments, and the fact that I was laughing at the end of them, you would know it was a post of amusement.

And how do you know what all angel names are? No one does, and I don't give a flying rats rumpass what some socalled "syntax of names" or whatever.
I agree that we are disagreed on that.

As for the self-angrandizement, phhht, whatever.

Have a read, have a laugh. Get over yourself.