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June 2009

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hhaghwir in dearestangels

Wings ....

Last night, I'm laying in bed and ... not really thinking about much. Hell, i can't even remember what I was thinking.

Out of the bloo comes an image: Wings. Draconic wings and angelic wings as one. The feathered resting against leathered, part of - but separate, individual yet as one.

I guess, spread a set of draconic wings open, and on top/resting against you have the feathered set.

I started to ask, "what, who's?" but nary the thought and I had the answer: Mine.

Once again I am going through a spiritual form flux. Dragon? Angel? Me? Total confusion. There is no solidity, only confusing blured images, indefinate lines.

The last time this happened, it was large cat warring with large bird of prey.
End result, I had to split myself a bit - Spiritually I kept human form, but sub-spiritually, the two other forms blurred around.
Final result: Gryphon.

I went through quite a process just to accept myself and forms, each change easing me into the next.

Now it's time I get closer to the truth. I wonder how long it will take.
I wonder what form it will be.....

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Hmmm...you could be anything really. I know, not helpful, but in my experience this is something that will take you removing any idea of what you are and than building from scratch to find out what you are.

I'm a chimera and I have something from almost every type of species out there (it's a long story), so for a while I cycled through forms like they were Pez candies and I was the dispenser. It took just letting everything go, nothing staying and losing all preconceptions of what I was, could be and should be, to figure it out. Don't push yourself to find out, but don't just be passive and let others and books tell you what you might be. Do what you feel is right really.