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June 2009



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Jun. 8th, 2009



Second Chance

The most incredible thing happened this weekend, and I’m still amazed by it.

I was contacted by someone in one of the Yahoo groups I’m in. He asked if I could do channeling and remote viewing. I told him yes, sometimes. He was quiet for almost a full day after that, so, curious, I asked him why.

Seems he had himself so shielded, his spirit and body were not making a complete connection, and he wanted help getting it removed or lessened. When I was able to take a look, this guy had some pretty heft shields and locks and traps. As well, he had at least six beings around him that were guarding and … working with his protection in odd ways. Seems that someone tried to make an attack on him spiritually a few years ago, and his defenses kicked in, and into overtime.
In the course of talking to him, talking to the guards, and trying to get a damned closer look at his locks and stocks without getting pulled in myself, deities from all over were gathering.

I finally managed to trigger a release, enough for me to reach in and start removing creatures and servants that had been trapped in these locks, and their energy used to further protect him. The first to come out was a little ball of dark fluff, barely holding on to life. She was practically shoved into my hands. And I nearly cried. I wasn’t sure why.

So, now, with all the servants released, his locks and stocks diminished to almost nothing, the deities dispersed, and I was left with an unclaimed ball of fluff.
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May. 14th, 2009



(no subject)

Yeah. P1. I'm sure there'll be more to post later.

Ok, so talking to this guy who reads other's past lives, and this is what I got from him:
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Dec. 17th, 2008



Wings ....

Last night, I'm laying in bed and ... not really thinking about much. Hell, i can't even remember what I was thinking.

Out of the bloo comes an image: Wings. Draconic wings and angelic wings as one. The feathered resting against leathered, part of - but separate, individual yet as one.

I guess, spread a set of draconic wings open, and on top/resting against you have the feathered set.

I started to ask, "what, who's?" but nary the thought and I had the answer: Mine.

Once again I am going through a spiritual form flux. Dragon? Angel? Me? Total confusion. There is no solidity, only confusing blured images, indefinate lines.

The last time this happened, it was large cat warring with large bird of prey.
End result, I had to split myself a bit - Spiritually I kept human form, but sub-spiritually, the two other forms blurred around.
Final result: Gryphon.

I went through quite a process just to accept myself and forms, each change easing me into the next.

Now it's time I get closer to the truth. I wonder how long it will take.
I wonder what form it will be.....

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